Frequently Asked Questions

Our Avonmore Professional 35.1%, 35.5% and 38% whipping creams have 9 months shelf life and our 18% cooking cream has a shelf life of 7 months. 
Avonmore cheddar has a 12 month shelf life. 
Avonmore butter has an 18 month shelf life from its production date once maintained frozen. Once tempered the butter has a maximum 3 month shelf. 

Chilling, 4°C – 8°C, is the optimum storage conditions for Avonmore Professional whipping and cooking creams. 
Avonmore cheddar should be kept refrigerated 0°C – 5°C at all times. 
Avonmore butter should be frozen to -18°C and once tempered it should be chilled in a refrigerator at 0°C – 5°C. 

Avonmore Professional creams: 12x 1L. 
Avonmore Cheddar: 12x 200g, 8x 2.5kg, 4x 5kg. 
Avonmore Butter: 20x 200g. 

Avonmore Mild Cheddar Cheese is matured over 3 months which ensures a smooth and creamy texture. 
Avonmore Mature Cheddar Cheese is matured over a 9 month period which ensures a rich and distinct flavour. 

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