A World Leader in Global Food Production

Ireland, an Atlantic island on the Western extreme of Europe, is famed for its rugged coastline, temperate climate, plentiful rain and beautiful lush green countryside.
  • Milk is supplied by 4,800 farmers

  • Unique sustainability and Quality Assurance Programme ‘Open Source’

  • Full traceability from grass to glass— every batch of milk is traceable back to farm

  • Milk is tested 35 times before it gets to the Avonmore seal of approval

  • Our dedicated Tirlán Quality Team guarantees you the finest quality milk

Dairy Quality

Milk production in Ireland is pasture-based thanks to short, mild winters, which allow Irish milk producers to operate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Ireland has traceability and quality control standards that are easily measured and managed giving international customers the assurance they need.

No.1 dairy Brand

Tirlán’s Irish operations process 3.2 billion litres of milk a year making it Irelands leading dairy processor. Supported by its farmers who have supplied the company for generations.

Avonmore is Ireland’s favourite dairy brand; it can be found in 80% of Irish homes and has been central to the healthy diets of most Irish families for over 50 years.

Over Quantity

Tirlán has the strictest quality standards of any dairy in Ireland. With full traceability and a unique test of lactose levels for quality control, Tirlán’s milk undergoes a 35 step testing programme quality from grass to glass by its highly accredited laboratories.

Our UHT production facility is equipped with the most modern technology to give its UHT milk and cream range a more refined taste with longer shelf life.